Daines is a proposed battery energy storage system (BESS) situated in Carrington, Greater Manchester. SSE Renewables is currently assessing the potential for the development of the site.

Any decision on whether to proceed with an application to develop the site will be taken after contractors have carried out some initial investigatory work.

This includes ground and water course surveys, archaeological inspections at the site and desk-based modelling of potential connections to the UK energy grid.

Potential installed capacity (MW)

Project history and progress

If a decision is taken to proceed with an application to develop the site, detailed plans for the design and scale of the proposed development will be shared with neighbouring residents and businesses. The feedback received during this process will inform and refine any final proposal.

What do we consider when choosing a solar or battery site?

  • Where is there space, capacity and the need on the network for the connection? This is largely identified by National Grid.
  • Is their sufficient land to build it, with the right characteristics and in the right place?
  • Are landowners willing to lease us this land at a reasonable cost and for the time we need?
  • Will the site be able to physically connect to the electricity grid? Ideally, we look for overhead lines to connect to, or substations nearby.
Contact us

If you have any questions relating to the proposed Daines BESS Project, please contact our Stakeholder Engagement Manager, Alan Greenwood:

Email  [email protected]