Battery Energy Storage Systems

Battery storage has a vital role to play in helping the UK and Ireland decarbonise.

Batteries can store the increasing levels of renewable energy generated from sources like solar farms and wind turbines when they are in surplus. Batteries can then supply the stored power back to the Grid when it is needed the most – helping to manage peaks of energy demand.

This means we can balance energy supply and demand more effectively and maximise the potential of renewable technology to power the Grid – even when the sun is not shining, or the wind is not blowing. Battery storage is therefore a vital part of unlocking the path to net zero.

SSE purchased the project development rights for its first 50MW battery storage project on a consented site in Salisbury, Wiltshire in 2021. Construction is underway on the project, which will be delivered with technology group Wärtsilä, and will be fully operational in late 2023. You can find a list of our current pipeline of battery storage projects here.

Once built, these battery assets will also benefit from the remote monitoring and energy trading services we offer through the SSE Enhance platform. The platform will integrate with the site control and monitoring systems and allow smart trading to maximise its value.