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Coire Glas invests in Renewable Energy Kits for Schools in West Highlands

01 Mar 2024

*SSE Renewables’ £2,500 investment in the kits will inspire young people to consider a career in renewable energy, with Lochaber High School pupils the first to benefit from the learning resource*

SSE Renewables has invested £2,500 to purchase 11 Renewable Energy Kits for schools across the Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) West Highland Region.

Lochaber High School have been the first to benefit from the learning resource which allows students to investigate key concepts around renewable energy transformation and factors that can affect the efficiency of wind turbines and solar cells.

They also act as a catalyst to explore other types of renewable energy, including hydropower and pumped storage hydro schemes, such as Coire Glas.

Coire Glas is a hydro pumped storage scheme currently being developed by SSE Renewables in Scotland’s Great Glen. Located at Loch Lochy, between Fort William and Inverness, Coire Glas will be the first large scale pumped storage project to be developed in the UK for more than 40 years.

Exploratory works are currently ongoing on site, and if approved for final delivery, it will be capable of providing 30GWhrs of energy, which is enough storage to power over three million homes for 24 hours.

"We greatly appreciate the kind donation to support us in offering our pupils the chance to have a high-quality educational experience with functional wind turbines.

“This is an important area of development for both current and future energy security for the world and especially for Scotland. It is great that all the children in our area will have this opportunity."

David Clark Head of Physics at Lochaber High School

"Building awareness of renewable energy technologies and skills in science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM) is vital to the future of the Highlands and Islands economy.

“We hope resources such as these will inspire young people to consider a career in the renewable energy industry and develop the green skills we need to reach Net Zero."

Mike Seaton Director of Development for Coire Glas, SSE Renewables