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Meentycat Wind Farm is located in the Cark mountains north of Ballybofey in County Donegal and has a total generation capacity of 88.5MW.

It comprises the 72.4MW, 38 turbine phase 1 wind farm which was commissioned in 2004, as well as its 9.2MW, four turbine Cark and 6.9MW, three turbine Meenbog extensions which were both commissioned in 2009.

Meentycat Wind Farm can power over 59,000 homes^ and help abate over 58,500 metric tonnes of harmful carbon dioxide* per annum.

The Meentycat Community Fund launched in 2005. So far over €1.2m has been presented to groups around the wind farm.

Meentycat and Culliagh Community Fund

Through our Meentycat Wind Farm and the adjoining Culliagh Wind Farm in Co. Donegal we make over €100,000 per year available for local projects through our Community Fund programme and our annual Sponsored Walk, which takes place at the wind farm every September.

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^ Total annual homes powered quoted based on installed capacity, typical onshore wind load factor of 32%, typical annual consumption (4,200kWh). * Quoted CO2 emissions abated based on typical annual MWh output and average CO2 Emissions in 2021 (0.236g/kWh) in the All-Island Single Electricity Market, and published by the CRU in its Fuel Mix Disclosure and CO2 Emissions for 2020, October 2021.