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Richfield Wind Farm is located near Bridgetown in Co. Wexford.

The 27MW Richfield wind farm comprises 18 turbines and entered commercial operation in 2006. Richfield Wind Farm can power almost 18,000 homes^ and help abate almost 22,000 tonnes of harmful carbon dioxide* per annum.

The Richfield Community Fund launched in 2007. So far around €334,000 has been presented to groups around the wind farm.

Richfield Solar and Battery Storage System Proposals

July 2023 - The Proposed Development will involve the construction of a 21 MW solar PV array on lands to the north of the existing 18 turbine, 27 MW, Richfield Wind Farm, which has been operational since 2006.

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Richfield Community Fund

Through our Richfield Wind Farm in Co. Wexford we make around €20,000 per year available for local projects promoting energy efficiency and social sustainability through our Community Fund programme.

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^Total annual homes powered quoted based on installed capacity, typical onshore wind load factor of 32%, typical annual consumption (4,200kWh). * Quoted CO2 emissions abated based on typical annual MWh output and average CO2 Emissions in 2018 (0.291t/MWh) in the All-Island Single Electricity Market, and published by the CRU in its Fuel Mix Disclosure and CO2 Emissions for 2018, September 2019.