Tangy IV, is a 16-turbine redevelopment of the existing Tangy Wind Farm, situated approximately 9km northwest of Campbeltown on the west coast of the Kintyre Peninsula in Argyll & Bute.

In 2019, Tangy IV was granted consent by Scottish Ministers to construct and operate a 16 turbine Wind Farm, which will replace the existing Tangy Wind Farm.

The existing operational Tangy Wind Farm comprises two developments (Tangy I and Tangy II) delivering an installed capacity of 18.7MW. Tangy I has 15 turbines and Tangy II has 7 turbines.

Tangy IV will include removing the existing 22 turbines, some of which have been generating since 2003, and replacing them with 16 more efficient modern turbines. Taking advantage of the advances in wind turbine design and technology will maximise output from the site and could see the installed site generating capacity increase from 18.7MW potentially up to 80MW.

Number of consented turbines
Potential generating capacity up to

Next Steps

Tangy I & Tangy II currently have consent to operate until August 2022. SSE Renewables are now seeking permission to extend the operational period by 6 years to coincide with the planned end of the construction phase of Tangy IV.

A Section 42 Planning Application including Environmental Impact Assessment has been duly submitted to Argyll and Bute Council requesting the 6-year extension to the operational period. If planning consent is granted the operational wind farm will continue to generate up to 2027.

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