SSE Renewables is assessing the potential for development of a wind farm on the Drummond Estate, located between St Fillans and Lochearnhead in Perthshire.

Project status

A request for a scoping opinion from Scottish Government Ministers was submitted for the Drummond Wind Farm in December 2022. The layout and scale of the proposed development is under consideration, and will be informed by survey and assessment work at the site.

The development was re-named Glentarken Wind Farm in May 2023, following feedback from local stakeholders, to more effectively convey the location of the proposed site.

The proposed turbine locations at the site are located within the Perth and Kinross local authority area. The proposed access route to the site from the A85 is located within the Stirling local authority area.

At present it is proposed that the wind farm would comprise approximately 14 turbines with a height of approximately 180 metres to the blade tip. Each turbine would have an installed capacity of up to six megawatts (MW) which would give an anticipated installed capacity of up to 84 MW. The scale and specification of the proposed wind farm may be subject to change during the development process.

A scoping opinion will allow Scottish Ministers to set out the information that should be included in an Environmental Impact Assessment report. Once this has been received, SSE Renewables will engage in a full programme of consultation with stakeholders, including neighbours and community organisations.

Next stage

Meteorological (met) masts will be constructed which will provide critical information on the viability of Glentarken as an operating site.

Representatives from SSE Renewables, and contractors working on our behalf, will conduct further survey and assessment activity ahead of receipt of the scoping opinion from Scottish Government Ministers.

Once an initial understanding of the scope and scale of the Glentarken project has been established, SSE Renewables will contact community organisations and other relevant stakeholders to begin an programme of engagement that will continue throughout the Glentarken project development.

About Glentarken
LocationBetween St Fillans and Lochearnhead, Perthshire
Proposed MW capacityCirca 84 MW
StatusInitial assessments are being conducted on site.
ContactGareth Shields, [email protected]