The Seagreen1A project is the second phase of Seagreen which is Scotland's largest operational offshore wind farm.

Located around 27km off the Angus coastline and 66km from the East Lothian coastline, the Seagreen1A project is a joint venture between SSE Renewables and TotalEnergies.

Completed in 2023, the Seagreen operational wind farm has 114 wind turbines.

However, there is consent to install a total of 150 wind turbines, so the Seagreen1A project team are taking forward plans to install the remaining (up to) 36 wind turbines and develop appropriate connections from the wind farm to the onshore electricity network at Cockenzie, in East Lothian.

Number of turbines up to
Potential generation capacity up to

Scotland's largest offshore wind farm

The Seagreen offshore wind farm is operational with 114 Vestas 10MW wind turbines capable of generating enough clean wind powered electricity for up to 1.6m homes.

Completed in 2023, Seagreen - sometimes referred to as Seagreen1 - was developed and built and will also be operated by SSE Renewables on behalf of the Joint Venture partners.

After a number of years of careful development activity, consent was received for up to 150 wind turbines to be installed.

In early June 2020, SSE Renewables (then sole owner) took the final investment decision to proceed with installing 114 wind turbines and building the required infrastructure for the electricity to be connected to the UK's electricity network at Tealing, north of Dundee, in Angus.

On behalf of the Joint Venture partners, we are now developing plans to install the remaining (up to) 36 consented wind turbines and the infrastructure required to connect to the electricity network at Cockenzie in East Lothian.

The map below shows the location of the Seagreen1A project in relation to the operational Seagreen wind farm and the connection corridor to Cockenzie.

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We have created two standalone websites which contain more information about both the operational Seagreen wind farm and the development of the Seagreen1A project.

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