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SSE Renewables and Greencoat Renewables launch €300,000 Galway Wind Park Major Projects Fund

06 Feb 2024

Funding for 2024 and 2025 is being released to support transformational community projects around the wind park

SSE Renewables and Greencoat Renewables, co-owners of Galway Wind Park, have launched the latest application round of Galway Wind Park’s €300,000 Major Projects Fund. The Fund supports community projects within 10km of Galway Wind Park and is part of the overall Community Fund programme, the largest of its kind in the country. The Fund will be open for applications from today, Tuesday, 6 February 2024, and will close on Friday, 12 April 2024.

The Major Projects Fund opens to applications every two years, and targets projects that will benefit the community and are deliverable within 20 months. The Major Projects Fund seeks to empower communities to create transformational projects and support the transition to a sustainable community.  Not-for-profit community groups, charities, and sports clubs among others are eligible to apply and must demonstrate how their projects support specific UN Sustainable Development Goals that promote Affordable & Clean Energy (SDG 7), Sustainable Cities & Communities (SDG 11) and Climate Action (SDG 13).

Eligible projects must demonstrate how they can improve the local infrastructure, landscape, biodiversity, cultural and natural heritage, or support sports and recreation. Applicant projects are encouraged to consider transformational initiatives that can support energy efficiency, renewable generation, and environmental and economic benefits as part of the social economy.

Each project must make a lasting difference and positive impact on places where people live, work, and explore. Awards from the Major Project Fund will range from €20,000 to €150,000, and certain projects may qualify for multi-year funding.

The Major Projects Fund has been positively endorsed by the local community. There was a strong response to the 2022/‘23 Fund, which received funding requests of over €700,000 to deliver projects in excess of €1.5 million.

The Galway Wind Park Major Project Fund, in consultation with local stakeholders, is part of a commitment to deliver a genuine and lasting difference to the local area. In August 2022, the second round of the Major Project Fund awarded €300,000 towards four large-scale projects bringing the total investment to €600,000.

One of the successful projects awarded was the development of the Doon Rosscahill Woods Forestry Trail.

Valerie Butler, on behalf of residents of Doon East and the Doon Rosscahill Woods Forestry Trail said:

“The trail in Rosscahill is a pivotal community asset, especially for residents of Doon East, Doon West, and Gorthacaurnan, offering safe, walkable access where it was previously lacking. It has become a community hub, evidenced by the successful Doon Woods Walking Group and well-attended events like Easter Egg hunts and Santa Claus visits, drawing over 100 local children and families per event. This trail provides a hazard-free route for residents, particularly in areas like Doon East, where pedestrian pathways to the main road are absent, while also encouraging a greener lifestyle by reducing reliance on cars. Overall, the trail symbolises a successful blend of safety, environmental stewardship, education, and social cohesion, significantly enhancing the quality of life in Rosscahill.”

"SSE Renewables is very proud of the work that the Major Projects Fund has already achieved, and the quality of works completed from the 2022 funding. The successful groups have worked diligently to deliver large-scale transformational projects that deliver lasting legacies to the local area. We look forward to working with the community again to help develop and deliver projects that can bring a transformational difference to the local area."

John O’Sullivan SSE Renewables

"We are delighted to support the third round of the Major Projects Fund for the community around Galway Wind Park alongside SSE Renewables. As long-term owners of wind farms in rural areas, we are keen to support and build strong relationships with the local community through projects like this. The Major Projects Fund offers communities the opportunity to deliver long-term sustainable projects that bring value and growth to rural areas representing true community development."

Patrick Maguire Greencoat Renewables

All applications for the Galway Wind Park Major Projects Fund should contain a clear and concise business proposal with accurate costings, timelines, and targets, which demonstrate that the proposed development is shovel-ready.

Applications will be accepted from not-for-profit community groups within 10km of Galway Wind Park, with preference based on proximity.

Guidance documents with further information and the link to apply online can be found at For more information, please contact Jacqueline Durnin via email - [email protected]