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SSE Renewables launches Biodiversity Net Gain Report and Toolkits

17 Nov 2022

Positive for the Planet’ report launch coincides with Biodiversity Day at COP27 in Egypt 

SSE Renewables has published its first ever Biodiversity Net Gain Report, coinciding with Biodiversity Day at COP27 in Egypt.

The report, entitled ‘Positive for the Planet’, outlines the steps taken by SSE Renewables to enhance the natural environment and sets out the company’s commitments for achieving Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) across its business.

The inaugural BNG report focuses on the efforts made so far by SSE Renewables to promote biodiversity across all technologies and geographies, whether at new project developments or at operational sites.

SSE Renewables is committed to building on these efforts to date and has set targets for achieving BNG on newly consented onshore renewable energy sites from 2025 onwards, underpinned by a robust methodology and a comprehensive 10-point action plan.

As part of its leadership role in the energy sector, SSE Renewables has also published two BNG Toolkits– as well as a user guide to support other organisations implement measures on their own projects.

The toolkits, which demonstrate SSE Renewables’ approach to achieving BNG targets with input from environmental experts, consultants, regulators, policymakers, suppliers, and peers, will enable the development of a consistent methodology for quantifying BNG across the energy sector.

Stephen Wheeler, SSE Renewables Managing Director, said:

While we are accelerating towards net zero by developing and maintaining renewable energy assets, we are also aware of the responsibility on us as a sustainable developer to build and operate our sites in harmony with nature.

“We are passionate about reversing biodiversity loss, and enhancing the natural environment where possible, so that present and future generations can enjoy the amazing flora and fauna in the places we operate. We have committed to achieving Biodiversity Net Gain for all our newly consented onshore major projects from 2025 onwards, and are exploring how to drive these ambitions even further in a marine environment through the use of cutting-edge digital innovation and partnerships.

“To achieve our goals and determine what more we can do, we have developed a methodology for quantifying Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) which will help us embed natural environment considerations in all of our terrestrial projects. Our aim is to leave the natural environment on our sites in a better state than we found it.”

Download the Biodiversity Net Gain Report here.

Listen to what SSE Renewables Head of Sustainability Kate Wallace Lockhart had to say about the report here.