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Creativity flows for artist in residence at Pitlochry Hydro

29 Oct 2021

Online exhibition launched as part of SSE Renewables’ COP26 participation

SSE Renewables has given a professional artist the opportunity to set up studio in Pitlochry’s iconic hydro power station, to create works focused on its renewable energy assets and infrastructure.
Professional artist Geraint Ross Evans took up residence at the site for four weeks in September so that he could experience the facility first-hand along with other assets in the surrounding area. He also visited one of the company’s wind farms as part of the project.

As well as setting up his studio in the power station, Geraint was able to access resources including images and artefacts held in the company’s archive based within the building.

Geraint’s residency came about after the organisation, Sustainability First, joined forces with SSE Renewables to offer the opportunity for an artist to produce works, which would focus on climate change in the energy sector and celebrate the role of renewable energy in Scotland – past, present and future.

Now ten of Geraint’s works are to be displayed online for members of the public to view as part of an art exhibition entitled ‘Cascades’. The gallery of works has been launched to coincide with the start of the COP26 conference in Glasgow, of which SSE Renewables is a principal partner.

"As principal partners of COP26 and through our ongoing relationship with Sustainability First, we were able to seize this unique opportunity to bring Geraint to Pitlochry Power Station.

Geraint has been able to immerse himself in our business and use his artistic talents to bring it to life, and to share the story of how SSE Renewables’ harness nature to deliver Scotland’s net zero targets.

While his works will be exhibited privately during COP26 at our offices in Glasgow, we are pleased to be able to share them online for all to enjoy."

Head of Heritage at SSE Renewables, Gillian O’Reilly

Artist, Geraint Ross Evans

"Being involved in this residency has been an incredible opportunity. The dams are really impressive monuments and it felt like I was visiting the pyramids, given the scale of these structures and how they connect with the landscape.

It was also great to have the opportunity to visit one of SSE Renewables’ windfarms and to experience the turbines firsthand, was incredibly exciting.

I’m glad that I have been able to capture these experiences and had the opportunity to depict SSE Renewables’ assets and to communicate the good work that is happening in Scotland."

Geraint Ross Evans


"Art can help us imagine alternative futures, communicate, mobilise action and feel connected with each other in tackling the climate crisis. Geraint shows the vital role renewable energy plays, and how it is part of the incredible Scottish landscape, interconnected with nature and local heritage."

Clare Dudney, Sustainable Futures Programme Lead at Sustainability First

Griffin Wind Farm


About the artist

Geraint Ross Evans was born in Caerphilly and grew up in Cardiff, Wales. Following graduation from Swansea Metropolitan University in 2009 with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art; Geraint became closely involved with the South Wales art scene, most notably with the former TactileBosch gallery and studios in Cardiff.

Following his first solo exhibition, Geraint relocated to London where he was awarded a scholar-ship to study at The Royal Drawing School, on their postgraduate program The Drawing Year (2014-15). From small sketches through to accomplished large-scale drawings, drawing from observation has always been central to Geraint’s practice.

About Sustainability First

Sustainability First is an environmental think-tank and charity, working in essential services to promote practical solutions to improve environmental, social and economic well-being.

This artist residency forms part of Sustainability First’s ‘Sustainable Futures Programme,’ which is developing creative and imaginative visions for addressing the climate crisis and fairness in society. The wider programme includes discussion events, educational outreach, art and writing prizes and a virtual book ahead of the UN international climate change conference - COP 26.

The exhibition can be viewed now at