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COP26 provides the opportunity for the UK to lead the world.

16 Nov 2020

Bold action by governments, businesses and society is needed in the battle to stop climate change.
We all must work together to deliver a net zero future and – now more than ever – it is vital we “build back greener” from the coronavirus pandemic.

That’s why we’re proud to be partnering with the UK Government to support the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow in 2021.

Decarbonisation at scale and pace is the route to address the twin challenges of the climate crisis and the need to build a green economic recovery.

That’s why we’re accelerating the pace of change and taking action now.

Plenty of people talk about the need to do something to combat climate change, but we’re putting our money where our mouth is.

We’re investing £7.5bn in low-carbon projects, with construction already out of the blocks on five major investments in the UK – creating jobs, supply chain opportunities and supporting communities, while cutting carbon emissions.

We’re building the world’s largest offshore wind farm at Dogger Bank, off the coast of Yorkshire, Scotland’s largest and the world’s deepest offshore wind farm at Seagreen and unlocking the incredible potential of the windswept Shetland islands with our Viking onshore wind farm and the Shetland link that will connect the islands to the mainland GB grid for the first time ever. We’re also extending our Gordonbush onshore wind farm in the north of Scotland to deliver more clean, green power.

And it is not just our low-carbon investments that will make a difference. We also need to get our own house in order.

Earlier this week, we confirmed all of our business operations will be carbon neutral by 2050. This follows on from setting ambitious near-term Science Based Targets to reduce emissions by 60% in just 10 years to decarbonise faster.

When the 30,000 delegates, including heads of state, climate experts, businesses and campaigners, gather in Glasgow we need more than just hot air.

It must match the ambition of the Paris Agreement with meaningful global and collective action if we’re to make in-roads in the climate challenge.

The UK can be proud of its role in setting stretching targets to decarbonise. The power sector and development of low-carbon technology on these shores has led the way and at SSE we’ve been at the forefront of it.

The Government has legislated for net zero by 2050 and has ambitions to have every home in the country powered by clean, green renewable power. We share these ambitions and firmly believe the power sector can lead the way by achieving net zero by 2040.

But we must also electrify every aspect of the economy; from heat, transport, industrial sector and agriculture if we’re to make further advances.

Working together with policymakers here in the UK is vital to support this in the years ahead. But working with counterparts across the globe is essential too if we’re to combat this crisis.

COP26 provides the opportunity for the UK to lead the world. Now is the time for strong leadership and international ambition.

At SSE, we are taking action, backed by evidence, science and facts, to support the transition to net zero.
This is a pivotal moment.

It’s time for us all to stand up and be counted.

And SSE is proud to partner with the UK Government and play our part.