Power To The People - Meet the stars - Alastair Stephen


Tonight sees the screening on BBC4 at 9pm of the second of three one hour films on SSE. Here we meet one colleague who took part…

Tell us who you are and what your day job involves?
I am Alastair Stephen, I work as an environmental advisor to Hydro Generation based in Pitlochry. I have worked for the company for nearly 20 years and every working day is different. My primary task is to make sure SSE reduces the impact we have on local environments as much as we can whilst still producing the maximum amount of energy from the hydro plant we operate. This involves a large amount of external liaison and partnership working as well as internal discussions and training of our own staff.

What was it like to take part in the documentary?
It was a bit of a challenge. I tried to show some of the working partnerships Hydro Generation has on the ground, and explain the complicated fishery mitigations we are involved with. I also had to explain it in a manner that makes sense and is of interest to viewers who may not have ever considered such issues before.

What do you hope the films will achieve?
I hope the films show SSE in a good light. From the sustainability perspective I think the various aspects of the second film should be a bit of an “eye opener” for people who do not realise the huge range of things that go on behind the scenes which allows them to switch on the light or have a hot shower.