West Limerick and North Kerry

Through our Tournafulla, Rathcahill, Dromada, and Athea wind farms in West Limerick, and Lenamore Wind Farm in North Kerry we make almost €250,000 per year available for community projects. So far since 2008 we have invested over €2.4 million in local projects in the vicinity of the wind farms promoting energy efficiency and social sustainability.

In 2021, 108 local groups benefited from the award of over €237,000 including schools, sports clubs and community organisations.

Tournafulla Sustainable Living Community in Co. Limerick are using the funding for solar panels to light up the local community garden.

"Tournafulla Sustainable Living’s aim is to keep our community and our area alive and viable. We have done much to accomplish this in the past, thanks to SSE Renewables community funding. This year’s funding will be used to install solar panels to light up the shed and polytunnel areas and assist with a water pump system to create a safe environment for people to work, walk and grow produce in the Community Development Living garden behind the Community Hall"

Helen Broderick Chairperson Tournafulla Sustainable Living Community

Athea National School in Co. Limerick is putting their latest funding towards air purifiers for the school.

"In an effort to ensure the safety of all children in our classrooms, ventilation had become a huge concern. Currently classroom windows and doors are continuously open regardless of weather conditions and temperatures. This year’s SSE Renewables Community funding will enable us to rectify this situation by installing an air purification system for some of our classrooms, especially the special needs classrooms."

Margaret Watters Principal of Athea National School

Tournafulla, Rathcahill, Dromada and Athea Wind Farms in West Limerick have a combined capacity of over 100MW and are capable of powering over 50,000 homes in the region. Leanamore Wind Farm in North Kerry entered full commercial operation in 2018 and consists of nine turbines which generate enough green energy to power over 10,000 homes.