Through our Clyde Extension wind farm we make around £382,000 per year available for community and charitable projects. Over its lifetime we expect to invest £7.5million in local projects.

Additional funding is committed to the regional Sustainable Development Fund. This fund runs every two years and supports transformational projects across the South Lanarkshire local authority area.


The Clyde South Lanarkshire Extension Fund is split into three separate funds which cover:

  1. Clyde SL Extension - Biggar, Duneaton, Symington, Quothquan & Thankerton.
  2. Clyde SL Extension - Leadhills.
  3. Clyde SL Extension - Crawford & Elvanfoot

Applications are open for the Biggar, Duneaton, Symington, Quothquan & Thankerton fund. Eligibility and other information can be found on the fund guidelines document and application form below.

There are four funding rounds per year, although the panel is willing to consider applications under £5,000 and urgent applications outwith these cycles.

The deadlines for applying to the fund are:

  • 22nd March 2024
  • 28th June 2024
  • 20th September 2024
  • 13th December 2024

Crawford & Elvanfoot, and Leadhills both have separate funds. We are currently working with respective community councils to open these funds for community groups to apply”. In the meantime, groups can apply to our Clyde South Lanarkshire fund administered by South Lanarkshire Council.


First, read the Fund guidance, available to download below.

Click on the ‘Apply’ button below if you wish to begin a new application.

If you have started a grant application and saved your progress, you can return to it by logging in to our Community Investment Portal here and navigating to My Applications.

Apply to the Clyde Extension Community Fund


Below are some of the recent awards from the Clyde Extension Fund.


Symington Community Council



Crawford & Elvanfoot Community Council

Salary for Community Action Officer in Crawford & Elvanfoot.


Crawfordjohn Heritage Venture Trust

Building maintenance at Crawfordjohn museum, indluding rain screen cladding solar panels.


Braw Clan

To deliver the 'Soup and a Story' and 'A Secret Wrapped in Lead' projects.


Biggar Youth Project SCIO

Renovation and energy efficiency works to the Old Auction Ring.


Biggar Rugby Club

Community facility and gym extension at Biggar Rugby Club.


Community Volunteers Enabling You (COVEY)

Programme supporting isolated and vulnerable young people aged 8-18 years living in rural Clydesdale.


Duneaton Community Council

Salary for Development Officer in Duneaton.


The Thancard Trust

Feasibility study survey for Thankerton Hall.


Corn Exchange Young Performers

National Theatre Youth Festival project and costs to help with sustainability.


Biggar Food Growing Group

Tools and equipment to operate a market garden.


Tinto Village Day

Costs for the village celebration.


Gillespie Centre

Building Improvements to the Gillespie Centre



For more information on this fund please contact:

Colin McMillan

Community Investment Manager

Tel: 07423314294

Email: [email protected]