Through our Beatrice offshore wind farm we make around £190,000 per year available for community and charitable projects. Between 2017 and 2021 we expect to invest £950,000 in local projects.


The community fund can support projects which:

  • Encourge community activity and promote community spirit
  • Ensure adequate access to services for all community members, including those with disabilities
  • Build the local economy, including opportunities for apprenticeships, training and skills development
  • Build community capacy and cohesion between groups
  • Develop or maintain community assets and facilities
  • Support tourism, heritage, culture and arts
  • Support health and wellbeing, including sports
  • Improve community infrastructure, including transport

Projects in the following community council areas can apply:

  • Buckie and District
  • Keith
  • Lennox
  • Strathisla

You can find out who is eligible to apply here.


The Beatrice Moray Local Community Fund is now at the end of its lifetime plan. However, with a small amount of residual funding remaining, an additional application round is now being held.  Due to the limited funds, applicants are encouraged to consider funding requests of around £5,000 or less.

The closing date for this final application round is 27 April 2023 with an advisory panel scheduled to meet on 8 June 2023 to consider the applications received.

The Application Form and Guidelines are available to download below:

APPLICATION FORM - £251 - £5,000

APPLICATION FORM - £5,001 - £10,000



For more information on this fund please contact:


Community Fund Manager

Tel: 07823 783 404

Email: [email protected]