About our funds

Powering Local Change

SSE Renewables is one of the world’s largest developers of renewable energy. We have always believed in sharing the value of our renewable energy projects with communities, maximising the benefits of local, sustainable power.

We made a commitment in 2012 to invest in local communities. Our ambition is to make sure every single penny of that money is spent wisely; it makes a difference and reflects the priorities of local people. We think the best way to achieve this is for the grant decisions to be made by local people.

Our Funding Process

Our Team

SSE Renewables has a dedicated team of experienced Community Investment Managers who support the local communities to deliver the community investment programme.

Morven Smith
Head of Community Investment

Lindsay Dougan
Community Investment Manager
Tel: 01738 340292

Michelle Donnelly

Community Investment Manager
Tel: 07921099663

Craig Mullen

Community Investment Manager
Tel: 01738 340621

Anne Reynolds

Community Investment Manager
Tel: +35386 878 3104

David Shearer

Community Investment Manager
Tel: 07823783404